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Binbir Gece ("Thousand and one nights") is a Turkish television series broadcast by Turkish TV channel Kanal D from 2006-2009. It stars Halit Ergenç, Bergüzar Korel, Tardu Flordun and Ceyda Düvenci. The show was also aired in Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Kuwait, Greece on Makedonia TV and ANT1, in the Republic of Macedonia on A1 TV channel, in Romania on Kanal D, in Montenegro on TV Vijesti and in Serbia on Fox TV.

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The story is about Şehrazat Evliyaoğlu, a talented architect who works in Binyapı, a construction company owned by Onur Aksal and Kerem İnceoğlu. She is the mother of a five-year old boy who suffers from leukemia and needs an urgent and very expensive surgery. Onur Aksal is a successful businessman and Şehrazat desperately tries to find ways to borrow the money she needs for her son's very costly surgery, a bone marrow transplantation, because her little son's life is in danger. Only her boss Onur, who is secretly attracted to her, accepts to give her the money on condition that she spends one night with him. After that night, Onur cannot stop thinking about her. He arranges their business trip to Dubai in order to be alone with her. At the hotel elevator in Dubai he repeats the same indecent offer, a night with him, and he doubles the amount of money. Şehrazat refuses his offer, deeply disgusted and furious. She realizes that Onur will not stop thinking about what happened between them and decides to try to find another job away from him. At the same time, Onur is very upset at what he did in Dubai, to ask Şehrazat to accept his indecent proposal. He gets very regretful and tries to show her how deeply he cares for her. Onur feels very bad about himself and for what he has made her endure professionally and personally and becomes increasingly attached to her. Convinced that he cannot live without her, Onur asks Şehrazat to marry him and begs her to give him a chance to make her love him. She finally accepts his marriage proposal. However things become complicated when Onur's mother refuses to approve of their marriage. But finally, Onur's mother understands that her son feels a profound and sincere love for Şehrazat and eventually accepts her daughter-in-law. Many events occur in the third season, as well. Kerem reveals Onur's and Şehrazat's secret (the one night stand for money compensation) which leads to their divorce. They will get together by the end of the third season and live happily ever after.

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