Ahu Sungur as Jale Eryildiz in Binbir Gece

Jale worked as an architect for Binyapi, but she got fired, apparently because of inapropiate behavior and sub par performance.

She was a lover of Erdal Karayolcu, and as such she committed herself to play a farse accusing Onur Aksal of firing her as a revenge, after she refused his offer for paid sexual services.

This accusation made Sherezade think Onur was a regular customer for sex services from his female employees, so she called off the wedding.

After this accusation was revealed to be a farse, and when Erdal discovered that Binyapi had a mole in his company, he kidnapped Sherezade. Jale redeems herself by helping Sherezade to run away. When Erdal found out, he killed her, althought accidentally.